15-16 MARCH 2023

365 Digital Platform

Getting back to business after a whole year of health professionals being mandatory restricted to travel is a welcome thought.

Future Health 365 offers buyers and sellers the perfect opportunity to explore new possibilities and new relationships, without the time and financial impact of live event networking. No need to get on a plane or travel to identify new products and services in health that might be right for the citizens in your country.

Your personal invitation to join this unique year round DIGITAL showcase of innovative healthcare products and solutions, where professionals from the world of health connect, meet buyers and partake in cross border purchasing, education and deal making.

Join us in your preferred geographical location for 365 days of industry-leading content and one day a month Buying Day where you can meet, network and do business with health professionals from the comfort of your desk or smart device.

Smart devices

Enabling an increased ROI and profitable encounters with our unique AI powered event networking software.


Focused on Innovation and Technology in health and bought to you on your smart device at your home or office for just USD $250 per qtr.

Our AI powered
event networking platform

For Attendees/Delegates

For Sponsors/Exhibitors

Meet, network and do business with health professionals
from the convienience of your location

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