UK Health Week Summer Series

8.9.10 June 2021

Digital Summer Series

Day one: Tuesday 8th June

Technology Keynote Session

10.30 Healthtech: Keeping up the Momentum post-Covid
  • The remarkable rate of adoption of digital health technologies during the pandemic
  • Greater use of remote consultations and the electronic prescribing service, mobilising artificial intelligence and big data to track Covid-19 cases and develop vaccines
  • Embedding existing and newer technologies for the long term: reflecting on the COVID-19 pandemic to inform the health and care system of the future
11.15 Sponsor session: Pandemic Planning – Major Lessons Learned from Covid19

Healthcare Manufacture

11.45 The Future of the UK Medical Device Manufacturing Supply Chain
  • A look at the UK medical device market - the third largest in Europe, and the sixth biggest globally.
  • How COVID-19 presented an immediate need for medical devices, and how the industry responded
  • Ongoing medium and long-term growth in the global requirement for medical devices and other manufacture.
12.30 Lunch break
13.30 PPE supply and manufacture – lessons learned from the pandemic
  • Responding to the shortages of personal protective equipment during the crisis
  • Sustaining a larger UK manufacturing base for PPE intended to improve security of supply and it’s associated pro’s and cons
  • Informing planning for future emergencies: ensuring a resilient security of supply of PPE for future outbreaks and pandemics
14.15 Engineering and Design; Cross Sector Collaboration
  • Response to the Coronavirus - cross-industry design and manufacturing playing a key role in providing solutions
  • Designers coming together via open source platforms to crowd source information and share equipment designs
  • How some of these initiatives can be used moving forward post-pandemc
  • Regulation and approval processes
15.00 Close of Day One

Day 2: Weds 9th June

Technology Keynote Session

10.30 Defying Gravity with the Cloud
  • Rapid adoption of new working practices with the help of the cloud during the pandemic – how relying on legacy systems is now not an option
  • Trends driving the adoption of cloud in healthcare including collaboration between medical providers
  • The importance of investment in the cloud – the push for growth in platform adoption.
11.15 Sponsor session: Strategies for Employers after COVID19 Vaccine Rollout

Mental Health and Wellbeing

11.45 Dissolving the stigma around mental health
  • An assessment of Covid-19’s impact on mental health in Britain
  • How, despite remarkable efforts to combat discrimination and stigmatization attributed to mental illness, many people are still afraid of seeking treatment
  • Combatting this stigma – a five step strategy
12.30 Lunch break
13.30 Managing the effect of Covid-19 on the mental health of the NHS workforce
  • Key factors influencing NHS staff well-being
  • Possible effects of the pandemic on NHS staff mental health; a risk of burn-out, anxiety and depression
  • Understanding groups at risk in the NHS - how can staff be supported during the pandemic and beyond?
14.15 Looking at Healthcare through a Different Lens: The Journey to Well Being
  • Episodic, transactional and focused too much on pathogenesis and disease - is the global healthcare system fundamentally broken?
  • Creating a system which put well-being at its centre - Incremental in nature and holistic on the individual.
  • Looking towards augmenting health rather than mitigating illness and incorporates prevention and well-being as fundamental pillars of heal
15.00 Close of Day Two

Day 3: Thurs 10th June

Technology Keynote Session

10.30 Cyber Security: Evolving Threats During and Post Covid 19
  • How hackers rapidly evolved their tactics to exploit the fears escalating amongst the population during the pandemic
  • Rapid adoption of cyber security best practices for keeping pace with evolving threats
  • How threats from nation states and criminals to the health system are a growing concern at a time when the pandemic has increased our reliance on technology.
11.15 Sponsor session:

Build and infrastructure

11.45 Hospitals and health infrastructure – looking into the future
  • An update on the Healthcare Infrastructure Plan (HIP)
  • Why health infrastructure is more than just ‘bricks and mortar’ – what system do we need for the NHS to deliver world class care
  • A new strategy to make NHS infrastructure fit for the future
12.30 Lunch break
1.30 Smart city technology
  • How the use of digital and mobile technology is creating smart healthcare solutions for people residing in urban centres.
  • The IOT revolution and how it will have sweeping results in health care.
  • Unified healthcare systems, collecting and sharing of data, analysis and research practices – ushering in a new era in tackling modern day health problems.

Closing Tech Talk

2.15 The Future of Healthcare Billing
  • While uncertainty still prevails, technology will continue to transform the healthcare landscape.
  • Advancements in billing as providers embrace technology
  • A look to the future of healthcare billing
15.00 Close of digital event

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